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The tactics threat actors use to infiltrate your key systems are getting more sophisticated, you need a holistic approach from your network security service to combat them. That’s why ByteTime takes a three-pronged approach to protect your business from every angle.

  • Tools: ByteTime delivers sensible, dependable solutions to help your business stay secure in a constantly evolving landscape. With on-demand access to the latest network security tools, protecting your network infrastructure and digital assets has never been more manageable.
  • Policies: As cyberthreats evolve, your SOPs should too. True network security requires more than just technology, so ByteTime works diligently to establish effective policies, procedures and responses that help safeguard your business.
  • Human Firewall: When it comes to network security in Houston, ByteTime leverages decades of expertise with proven methodologies to provide security, education, and training to your organization’s employees. Creating a well-trained workforce is the first line of defense when it comes to network security.

When it comes to network security in Houston, you need sensible solutions from a reliable provider. Schedule a consultation with ByteTime and learn how we stop cyberthreats from compromising your sensitive data.

Industry-Leading Network Security for Businesses of Any Size

Network security is experiencing its most critical moments, as the need for layered security measures has never been higher. This requirement is amplified for businesses in the Greater Houston area, a hub for large enterprises and SMBs.

It’s not just the “big guys” who need network security in Houston. In fact, 43% of cyberattacks targeted small to medium-sized businesses in 2022, with nearly 60% going out of business just six months later. Luckily, ByteTime implements and establishes industry-leading strategies to help you stay protected.

Email Security

Studies show human error is responsible for 80% of corporate data breaches, often occurring as a result of poor email practices. ByteTime ensures integrity and discretion by providing email encryption, implementing web, spam, and content filtering, creating hardened, policy-based credentials.

Network Firewall

When it comes to network security in Houston, every organization has a unique setup. With long-term success on the line, implementing a generic or unmanaged approach leads to gaps in your firewall, which could spell disaster. That’s why we tailor our firewall strategy to suit your organization’s needs, systems, and application control protocols.

Cybersecurity Suite

With on-demand access to a full suite of cybersecurity services, ByteTime makes it simple to keep ransomware, malware, and viruses from disrupting your business. With a wide range of security tools, such as threat analytics and behavioral indicators, we provide an extra layer of protection for your business.

Access & Identity Management

Unify and manage your entire company’s network and data access privileges from a centralized dashboard accounting for user roles, device types, location, and time-of-day. Ensure access to all of those that need it while seamlessly turning away unauthorized parties.

Disaster Recovery

With the corporate world operating on a digital landscape, disasters can strike at any time. ByteTime keeps your organization prepared with preemptive and preventive back-up measures, minimizing the risk of an unexpected data breach.


Web Security

From security gateways to application control systems, we deliver powerful web security to protect your workplace from dangerous websites and unseen threats.


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