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Data Backups are the most cost-effective way to protect your critical data. Don’t fool yourself into thinking Dropbox is a backup solution and don’t put the fate of your business in the hands of Mozy, Carbonite, iDrive, etc.. These may be great for backing up your home computer but your business deserves and often requires more.
Like any piece of valuable property for your business, your data needs to be properly protected and secured against harm. After years spent building your business, even the slightest issue with cloud backup can irreparably damage your databases and other intellectual property. Our completely managed backup and restore service allows you to design a perfect data protection strategy based on your specific business needs.

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Advantages of Data Backups

Save Money & Time

For any-sized business, outsourcing data backup solutions from online backup providers may save big bucks, instead of buying expensive hardware.

Fully Automated

There is always a danger of forgetting a file or two or just becoming careless and skipping making backups on some week, but our solutions are automated!

Sync Your Data

Imagine how much easier it makes your work, if you can start with a file on your desktop, then work with it on a laptop, and then present results on your tablet.

Why Choose ByteTime for Your Backup Solutions

With a comprehensive plan in place, your business will have the skilled professionals, knowledge, and ongoing solutions to better secure and recover your data. Our experts will put together a well-coordinated and thorough plan of action that will enable your enterprise or SMB to truly thrive in a constantly-evolving IT environment.
ByteTime holds decades of experience in IT infrastructure, tools, strategic backup, and restore plans for companies – large and small. We pride ourselves on our IT experts’ ability to develop and implement the perfectly-tailored solution for each industry and client-specific need.
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