Medical & Dental IT Support

With over 100 medical and dental clients in the Houston area alone, we can truly say we specialize in healthcare IT.

Our Services

Network Development

Get everything on the same network to improve workflow.


Get protection from HIPAA and HITECH fines for improperly stored data

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your systems and can provide remote support anytime

Automated Backup & Storage

Save your work systems automatically in the event of a disaster.

Digital Imaging Support

Securely store sensitive patient data, and easily access it when you need it.

Software Mediation

Keeping your software secure, reliable and up to date helps your business run efficiently.

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Securely share patient records on your local network

Having digital patient records accessible to employees is a necessary part of running a medical or dental practice these days. It speeds up work, making the office run smoother and improves the customer experience as well.

We set up local networks designed for this and to also keep the information secure from any outside networks. We can also integrate with your current network if you already have one in place.

Compliancy Laws could cost you

Keeping patient records secure is important for their privacy and security, but also it keeps your business safe from being fined for compliancy violations. If your local network and backup servers are not properly secured, it could cost your company greatly.

We specialize in HIPAA and other medical compliance statutes with regards to network security to protect both you and your patients.

Keep your systems working

Eventually something will go wrong with your computers, that’s a given. We monitor your network and devices for problems before they become an issue. If you do have a problem we can often fix it remotely, saving you time, frustration and money.

We keep your systems running strong so you can focus on what matters, taking care of your patients.

See what our clients have to say

  • Autumn Reischman
    "We have locations from Texas to Tennessee, and over the last two years we have grown to trust ByteTime with every aspect of our IT infrastructure. We are literally in the “cloud” over their brand of doing business."
    Autumn Reischman
    CORE Management Group
  • Sebastian Villarreal M.D
    "ByteTime has set up new locations for us, added purchased locations, and redesigned our network infrastructure all while incorporating a new EHR Certified Software program into our multi-location practice. It’s great to know there are still groups out there that continue to bring value, trust and follow-through to a business relationship."
    Sebastian Villarreal M.D
    Pain Relief Associates
  • Teresa M. Scott, DDS
    "I have been very impressed with ByteTime, and I can truly say your company has done more for fixing my computer problems in a few days than ANY IT company has done for me – EVER. Thank you."
    Teresa M. Scott, DDS
  • Barbara Reeves
    ByteTime Computing is a top-tier IT firm with the experience, knowledge and drive to bring your business to the forefront in software and technology support. With an extensive menu of services they have the capabilities to make your business soar! Working under strict principles and ethics, ByteTime brings the trust factor front and center, making it the key element by which they succeed. Having worked with ByteTime for many years, I provide you this recommendation with personal experience and knowledge of their qualifications.
    Barbara Reeves
    Welch Dental Group
  • Amber Pedlar
    Byte Time set up all of the IT for our start up office in November 2017. There was great communication throughout the entire process. We sent them a list of what we were told we needed by another company. Not only did Byte Time find a ton of stuff the other company "forgot" to add to our quote, they also beat the other quote by a significant amount. Any IT issues we've had, they've addressed quickly, usually within 2-3 hours. But honestly, we've had very few issues at all thanks to a great initial set-up!
    Amber Pedlar
    Pedlar Dentistry