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Managed IT Support for Nonprofits

With the right IT resources in place, nonprofits can spend less time on operational issues and more time on achieving their overall mission. Our IT consultants have years of experience working directly with non-profit organizations, bringing a wealth of IT knowledge that make it easier for nonprofits to thrive.
IT solutions for nonprofits are a driving force, aiding organizations in many key areas such as communication and awareness. No matter your mission, IT infrastructure and technology services provide the amazing capabilities that you need to achieve and live up to your goals. Some of the benefits of partnering with ByteTime for your IT services and tech needs include:

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On-Site IT Support

Enjoy unlimited, on-site access to our expert technicians to perform hardware maintenance, proactive diagnosis, and repairs.

Cost Savings

Our customized programs are built to suit your IT requirements, offering the flexibility to meet your unique needs and provide fixed-fee pricing.

Automated Offsite Backups

Like backing up your phone to the cloud – but for your organization. Securely store your information offsite, keeping it safe in case of a disaster.


In addition to your workstation’s antivirus software, we are the second line of defense – ensuring viruses are identified and stopped before further infection occurs.

Your Dedicated IT Partner

We understand the needs of all businesses. But nonprofits, in particular, have more budgetary constraints and services with specifications sometimes dictated by the government. All the while having to justify the costs associated with running said programs and services, and usually not having the technological resources to implement them.
ByteTime can help your nonprofit navigate through all these constraints and more, while adhering to the allotted hours and staying within budget. With a full staff of IT consulting experts, advanced technologies, and knowledge of how non-profits function, we bring an expert-level perspective to your nonprofit’s unique challenges.
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