Built on Childhood Friendships & Shared Passions

The ByteTime Story

ByteTime Computing, Inc. evolved from a friendship among four boys in the 4th grade at Cimarron Elementary in Katy, Texas. As they played team sports together through high school, they developed the values that make up the foundation of ByteTime: loyalty, honesty, commitment, and hard work.
In their years after high school, three went on to honorably serve in the US Military and another attended university, yet they all developed their skills and expertise in IT with a strong emphasis on customer service. Since its founding, ByteTime is proud to have served more than 500 client operations in eight states, three countries, and two US Territories.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, & availability of your mission-critical systems, networks, and data.

Our Values

Our Leadership

Scott Fleenor

Founding Partner
Scott served with the United States Army as a Battalion RTO. While there, he had a commanding officer who saw that he had a gift in technology and encouraged him to take coursework in that area. He took the advice of the officer, and the opportunities that followed allowed him the privilege, freedom and autonomy to engage in network and computer services at various levels.
Upon his exit from the military, Scott was invited to join TNG Systems as an IT Director and System Architect. He traveled the country consulting and designing network systems for various clients and quickly earned a reputation as a trouble shooter who never met a problem he could not solve.
In 2007, Scott founded ByteTime Computing. His personable approach to technology has made him an asset to ByteTime’s clients. Scott is not only able to find solutions where none seem to exist, but willing to take the time to explain preventative measures in a fashion that people understand.
As ByteTime’s reputation grew, Scott knew it was time to increase its professional footprint. In 2012, he merged with long time friends Brandon Layhew, Paul Johnston and Rob Caesar and transformed ByteTime Computing into the company it is today.

Brandon Layhew

President & Managing Partner
Brandon Layhew is a seasoned national sales manager, public speaker and proven teammate committed to assisting the clients, organizations, and people with whom he associates discover their own personal place for success. His passion for serving and driving others has led him from his KATY roots to a degree in Psychology at Texas State University which laid the framework for his extensive and successful career in Healthcare Sales. It was in this arena that Brandon was exposed to guidelines and compliance concerns facing medical practitioners such as HIPAA, STARK and the American Reinvestment Recovery Act. Brandon climbed the corporate ladder from Sales Representative to Sales Manager to National Sales Director all while honing his skill for discovering the “True Needs” of his clients and colleagues. It is his consideration of the needs of others that brought him to his Managing Partner role with ByteTime Computing, Inc. in 2010. Brandon has been described by his partners at ByteTime as the “impact that has led to, not only our successful relationship with over 300 clients in 8 states, but our 95% customer retention over the last 5 years”.
In regard to his personal success and Katy roots along with the enormous success of ByteTime Computing, Inc. to date, Brandon was quoted in Absolutely KATY Magazine as saying, “so much of what we a have learned growing up in Katy is loyalty to one another and team work… for our relationships to have lasted this long and for us to be able to give back to the community together is a great source of pride for us”.

Paul Johnston

Technology Director
Paul is a decorated United States Marine who served in the Aviation Logistics Unit covering areas from detailed missile guidance and flight control to radar jamming, tactical combat and all maintenance and repair of diagnostic systems. Additionally, Paul configured every version of hardware and software system used by the Marine Corps, trouble shot, configured and diagnosed issues with mobile devices, scanned and inspected computers and networks for security and compliance. Additionally, he was charged with coordination of physical training programs, Marine Corps Institute distance education program and the selection of qualified candidates to attend elite professional development schools worldwide.
Since then, Paul has continued to hone his professional skill set in a variety of roles such as cloud computing, virtual environments, visual basic programming, education, technical support leadership, procurement, staff and project management. Paul has never met an IT issue for which he cannot find a solution and has therefore been an integral stakeholder and part of the ByteTime team since its inception.

Rob Caesar

Consultant, Lead System Engineer, & Architect
Rob served as an Airborne Ranger in the United States Army. Rob began his IT career in the U.S. Army in 1993 when he was processing personnel records for his Airborne Infantry unit in Italy (3/325th). Later, employed in a high ranking technology position with a major financial banking corporation, his strong background in sensitive security issues was a perfect fit for the new company the lifelong friends envisioned. His background includes consulting, architecture, networking support and ranges from modem support and corporate helpdesk all the way to Redback router support for Southwestern Bell Internet.
Transitioning from the standard support role, Rob received his first System Administrator position with a company in Dallas, Texas. He then earned his MCSE in NT4 and CCNA/DA certifications. Rob has expertise in a number of areas from operating systems and servers to routers and switches. He is an integration specialist who can provide consulting and implementation on small engagements such as a new domain or migration project or WAN design up to a complete network re-designs. Rob’s robust knowledge of multiple industries and dedication to our field as an expert has made him an invaluable part of ByteTime since its inception.

Our Partnerships